Friday, December 26, 2014

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

POP is dead
I love you baby, I want you baby, I need you baby. Is it a pop'n'roll?
Let's repeat the minor chord three times and sing a requiem together

Blow over. Yes, a storm is over, this trade will be game over.
Poison or medicine? Which one would you like?
dirty pop music.

No more cheap compulator
Whether it’s clipped or crooked,
I can just directly plug in my guitar.

 [Stop it]

Tell the scars on your wrists bye bye, the bell is sounding ding dong.
It's a red light but so what "go on." hang a white flag.
I know you’ll cross either way when someone else does. Don’t hesitate & Go…


「uh・・・」If you baffle, More haste, less speed.
In a nut shell, you can be back to square one.
You never know, however don't pass the back.
Say "yes" don't grumble. Once again. Okay, not bad.
I kiss you on the forehead as reward.

 (Literal translation)
If you’re in a BOX, you’re at a ‘real dead end’
Hurry, hang on, turn around, go back, Re: to the starting point.
But, what you say is cheap, it’s a contribution to society “yes but…”
Is it your fucking asshole? More or less.
The answer is yes. A kiss on your forehead. You did well.

It’s all still gibberish, pop it.
Hard disk crash, B*U Nothing.
Don’t just raise your hands, raise your feet.

「Save me popeye」

How simple eat in get? Don't you?
Red light, everyone crosses, okay, instant death
POP is dead

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