Sunday, October 12, 2014

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

21st century march
21st century march
“Line up arm’s length”, are you prepared?
“Attention, stand at ease”, Go with composure/ go with diligence
“Right face”, what if you move up to first place
“Company, halt”, ready, set, go (1,2,3,4,Go!!)

Left, right, left, right

A koala’s march, bring it with you1
A line of frogs, hopping along
Toy soldiers, how much to see them perform?
Step aside, you’re in the way

21st century nation song
“Line up arm’s length”, well eat shit
“Attention, stand at ease” be careful/dumbass
“Right face”, what if you face the other way
“Company, halt”, start running (1,2,3,4,Go!!)

Left, right, left, right

Stepping in uniform, while marching
Hopping like a rabbit while standing on your hands
Crawling forward, facing backward
Before you complain about nothing, at one, two three,
Forward, forward.

Go forward, it’s the challenge of a new world
We are the messengers of a new generation

Go, Forward, March, Here we go!!

Let’s go☆the people
Climb over the mountain of recession
Let’s go, amigo?
21st century march

Stand up! Attention! Bow! Be seated!2 x3, Flip over your desk

Go forth... to your heart’s content, wherever you desire3

Let’s go☆the people
Fly across the valley of deflation
Let’s go, amigo?
21st century march

Let’s go☆the people
Push your way through the waves of fads
Let’s go, amigo?
21st century march

1 “Koala’s march” is also the name of a candy brand
2 This is done at the start of classes in Japanese schools up until high school. When the teacher enters, the students stand up and bow according to these instructions to show respect.
3 Written in classical Japanese

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