Sunday, August 10, 2014

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Toppi - CoMYVz Crew

A Fighting Song that is Ours Only (aka: Never Give Up!)
Fight ! ×∞

What's up pal, cheer up... You're not particularly bummed, you say?
Well anyway, unpleasant things & annoying things, throw them all away on the day for non-combustible waste,[1]

And so it's the same for all of mankind, if you were to ask their mum, everybody “is someone who can do anything if they try~”
Well for the time being, your unsophisticated side & your unfashionable side, your stinky-footed side as well, love them all equally.

Come now, burn down things like white flags... or rather, you don't have to prepare them from the very beginning.

Smash into it
Shoot it down

Try & try.

You don't have to put your fists up in anticipation.
That's right, lining up a little is fine.

Smash into it
Shoot it down

Never give up! Let's go.

[1] In Japan, rubbish has to be divided into categories (combustible, non-combustible, recyclable etc.) for proper disposal. Each category is collected separately on a designated day.

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