Monday, May 26, 2014

Source: Barks 2004
Translation by: Gise & Toppi - CoMYVz Crew

Q51: Favorite car
HiAce! (minivan) Licence? Don’t have one. I only have a moped. I want to get my licence. I wonder if someone would give me one? (haha)

Q52: Mobile phone ringtone
Vibration. That’s because I won’t pick up even if it rings, you know. It wouldn’t be right. I mean, isn’t it rude if I talk to somebody else when I’m already talking with someone?  I also get annoyed if the person I’m talking with answers the phone while I’m speaking. And every once in a while there’s someone around who goes and picks up the phone without even saying anything like “Excuse me”, you know (haha) Like Mr. S, my manager.

Q53: What do you love most about recording? What do you hate most?
I like it most when the catering comes. What I hate most is when I’ve finished eating the catering food. This album was the first time we had catering… sushi.

Q54: At what time do you write songs?
I made a lot at dawn.  I think about music every day every time and I get inspiration for certain phrases and such when I’m in the shower, but when it comes to creating songs after I finish work it’s generally around that timeslot.

Q55: On stage drink
Lately I’ve been having herb tea every time. You know this drink throat coat made from licorice leaves? I drink the hooot kind when the live is hooot. It’s great for my throat.

Q56: What would you be if you could change your occupation?
Guitar heroine! Or is that more like a sex change?

Q57: You have a light complexion so, are you the type that hates summer?
I don’t hate summer, I just hate getting burned by the sun. But that’s not just me right?

Q58: Favorite manga
“bobobo-bobo-bobo” and “Cromartie high school” . Because it’s sort of futuristic I think and I like manga with that kind of core. I also like the works of Takahashi Tsutomu, Inoue Santa and Yamamoto Hideo for example. Manga that’s just for amusement doesn’t grasp me, I have to gain something from it.

Q59: Have you ever had your future told?
I have. I’ve just been considering getting my palm read. I’m fine with having my future told only because I don’t believe in it haha. In the end you’re the only one who can create your future.

Q60: What is your blood type? What type are you most like?
I’m AB, and I’m most like an AB type (haha)

Q61: The first time you went abroad.
I think I went to Hong Kong. I released a photobook about it at the time. It was before I was 20 years old.

Q62: A country you want to go to
The Amazon or Africa or something.

Q63: What souvenirs do you recommend bringing from Osaka?
I say I’m from Osaka but I’m a guy who’s cast aside his birthplace (bitter laugh)

Q64: Were you ever bullied as a kid?
I wasn’t. I’m not the type to get bullied.

Q65: How would you deal with bullying?
I wonder if they’d stop if you did the same to them. If they’re mimicked they’ll stop doing it. But that won’t solve it in the long run. If you really want to do that I think it’s better to take your distance. In a coexisting society where you have to build up relationships with people this might be a problem, put in the end there’s always going to be people you’re not compatible with. It’s fine to sever connections with these people and it’s definitely better not to sacrifice yourself just to fit in. Saying goodbye to people is also a part of making life choices, so isn’t it best to solve it like that?

Q66: Your favorite spot in Tokyo
The toilet at Universal (Miyavi’s record company) is great! But mine also has a bidet so they’re neck and neck.

Q67: Your favorite pen manufacturer.
Pentel, the Cartridge type.

Q68: Recommended spot in Osaka.
My parents’ home.

Q69: Your PC screen

Q70:Your favorite website
The admin page of my own site.

Q71: An anime character you want to be like

Q72: What message do you have on your answering machine?
Ugyaaaaa!! Please leave a message

Q73: What would your ideal way to die be?
Aside from it being good or bad, there have been times that I think it would be great if I could die on stage, or surrounded by music, but in the bitter end I want to die smiling, unaware that I’m going to die.

Q74: Your favorite baseball team or player
I don’t know~ (bitter laugh). My old man was a Hanshin Tigers fan so I guess I’ll say that. I need someone’s name too? Who plays on that team? The one my old man liked was…… Kakefu (haha).

Q75:An episode from a festival in your home town
Well, usually I’d hang out with mates and bad things that aren’t too festival-like would happen (haha) We’d stray off. In order to make it a happy festival, we used to sneak away, you know.

Q76: A song you always choose when singing karaoke
I don’t really do karaoke. Lately, when I did go with my staff, they made me sing my own songs (haha)

Q77: Do you like rainy days and the rainy season?
They’re alright. I think that maybe the way in which you enjoy rainy days says something about the way you live. It’s the same for sunny days.

Q78: How many hours do you sleep?
It changes, but lately I’m trying to sleep 5-6 hours in a bed in one go, which is different from before.

Q79: Do you want kids?
I do~. I definitely do (distant look).

Q80: What kind of “King” would you consider your current self to be? 
King of throwing things away and an invincible King… …Interesting isn’t it (bitter laugh) Well, I’m my own King, you know. Always.


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