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Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

February 27th 2008

Thanks for always sending fanletters and fanmail.


I've secretly confined myself to the studio night after night
I'm in special training to acquire a secret special move.

I'm sorry for not updating the blog either.

Actually that wasn't my blog to begin with. haha

I'll tell the Kavki Boiz.


There where a lot of mails from boys here,

"I want to see Miyavi some time~"


"How can I do it like that"

There were a lot like that

Of course I was really happy with them,


When I'm thinking about what to say

The thing I suddenly come up with is that

Truthfully, I don't like myself that much either.


That's why I'm trying with all my might to become able to like myself.

I wonder if that shows beautifully at times,

And makes people sparkle.

That's it everyone.

We're the same human beings.



I'm gonna try to wander around a bit.

It's getting a bit warmer,

But the nights are still cold so take care.

Good night.

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