Saturday, April 5, 2014

Translation: Bu - CoMYVz Crew

So today is the first show of the Japan tour in Osaka BIG CAT and...we have a taifun! lol I'm still in Tokyo but even if I have to crawl i'll keep goin. Places like Kyoto seem to be especially affected so people, please take care and don't overdo it. So when we'll be able to meet safely, we'll go with a BANG. Love from stormy Tokyo

Right now, MYV & co tried to buy a ticket from Shinagawa but not even the Shinkansen is moving so we planned a route to fly from Haneda to Hiroshima and enter Osaka that way, right before the flight got canceled. There was also a plan to go to Nagoya by land and then take the helicopter but we had to give it up because of budget (lol)But we're keepin' up our fighting spirit. Never give up!

Yesterday, I had gyutan first for lunch, at the afterparty in the evening gyutan again, today too, in the morning, I had gyutan for breakfast, in my lunch box on the way home, I had gyutan, and now I'm about to have gyutan again at the family dinner (perhaps tomorrow I'll have a double gyutan encore)


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