Saturday, April 5, 2014

Translation: Bu - CoMYVz Crew

Done w/ the mix for my upcoming album #MIYAVI...!! Done with the album mix!!Because i keep interacting with London, France and Sweden, my sense of time is all messed up (lol) Anyways, I want y'all to listen to it faster!!CAN'T WAIT!!

Thanks everyone who came at Green Room! Under the sky that cleared up, surrounded by the ocean, carried by the wind, it was an amazingly good feeling! If I was able to help with anything, or anyone even a little while doing the music I love, I'm satisfied! Today too, I played guitar as always. Wish you all a wonderful day ;)

Having some time off after a "certain" music fare recording at Fuji TV, I decided it would be nice to take the kids to a "certain" Venus Fort so without catching a taxi on the way back, I found myself wondering in confusion around a "certain" Tokyo Teleport station. #Odaiba #too big #lost #rock


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