Saturday, April 5, 2014

Translation: Bu - CoMYVz Crew

Done w/ the first day of general rehearsal!!!! We had a great groove!!!! It's been a while since the last Japan Tour!!!!It starts this weekend w/ Yokohama !!!! Can't wait to connect with everyone!!!! It's gonna be hot!!!! Ow and I also got a zit rite under my nose!!!! It kinda hurts!!!! ROCK YOU ALL!!!! #AheadOfTheLightTour2013

3.11 something, somehow changed that day. We were driven to a point of not even knowing if there was a future beyond that, faced with a world in chaos.What can we say we've learned now, two years later? We pray for the souls of those who have left us and at the same time, express our gratitude for still being alive and here. Today we should keep walking with our sight set forward. Happiness is above the clouds.

Tonite we were at a ghetto hotel in Osaka and on the corridor there were a bunch of Chinese tourists making a racket and oh man, some really irritated middle aged hotel guest came out from his room screaming all angry "You're so loud! What the heck did you come to Japan for??". It was that kinda scenery....oh man (cry)

Just done with reviewing the video footage from the show. This time around the number of guys attending the shows has really increased, and as a guy myself,I'm seriously happy about that. But the clubs and live venues are really small sometimes, and on top of that seriously hot so please take care of the girls around you! Everyone's energy is really giving me power! I'll be back soon, Aomori! #AheadOfTheLightTour2013

Today was a live that pushed me to an introspect view of a lot of aspects, but the smiling and the singing voices (from the crowd) helped me push through! Thank you Okayama! PS: Seems like today's live will be aired on NHK "Ohayo Nippon" so look forward to it! #AheadOfTheLightTour2013


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