Friday, April 4, 2014

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Bu - CoMYVz Crew

Boogie-Woogie even if it kills me
With that cool Mohawk of yours, you seriously look like a funny fluffy chiken [1]
What the heck is this dirty boogie?

Rather than getting wrinkles on my face, I’d like to increase the ones on my brain.

Oh, help me honey, help me honey, seems like I’ll be wasted on supply and demand
One for the money…two for the money, there’s no three or four, so the bribe goes to five

In&out with a cool devotchka from someplace or another [a-ha a-ha] [2]
What the heck is with youngsters this days?

That’s roughly how it goes x2 [ah…Youngsters today]
What old people these days say, ah can’t straighten that back anymore

Let’s sing Boogie, Let’s dance Woogie, even if it kills us, Boogie-Woogie
That’s right, there’s always a paradise for optimists somewhere
That’s right, here’s a refuge for the careless
Here’s where the nation of fools with their tearjearking stories get down to earth
We’re followers of him

A dancing fool, a watching fool,
A singing fool, a screaming fool,
A fool here and a fool there
If we’re all fools just as well, the one who’s not broken loses

“[Tragedy is Comedy] ….” you say, well, if you have the time to play wise,
Dance, dance, dance
That’s right, let’s dance barefoot on the burning tatami

Oh, help me honey, help me honey, seems like they’re setting me up for mass production

If you look right, “imitations” if you look left “imitations” well, if we’re gonna be honest “Everything's the same”

This is your death bed,
It’s ‘shave your head and never come back’

My way of life is Mesa Boogie, elegantly Mesa Boogie [3]

Come a long with us.

[1] He’s talking about the fluffy chicken breed - Silky Row
[2] Devotcka is russian for girl
[3] Mesa Boogie is a brand of amplifiers from California

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