Saturday, March 29, 2014

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Toppi - CoMYVz Crew

Foolish Person
You were always looking only forward.
As for me, I was always looking at that side of you.
Did you think that I would say something like “Look at me”?
I loved looking at the profile of your face.
(The only times when you would do me the favour of looking at me were during sex)

Good bye, foolish person,
I’ll show you that I am going to become the kind of woman you would’ve always turned around to look at during dates.
You had a special someone all along, while I, of course, only had you.
That’s lonesome, that’s lonesome, that’s pitiful.
(If I were to stab you right now and appear on the news, would it be as “current mistress A”?)

Good bye, foolish person.
Thank you for the wonderful lies.
Sorry I couldn’t keep up the pretence of believing them until the very end.

When you first called me by my first name,
Although I didn’t reply right away, truth is I was so happy I could have died.
(Even though I thought of killing you when you called out the name of a different woman while drunk)

Good bye, foolish person.
I’m giving your sleeping face one last kiss (bye bye)
Because I cannot enter your dreams to bid farewell.
But there’s not really any use at all in saying things like that now, after such a long time, to a love which has already ended.
Well, if you ever get a bride[1], at least compliment her on the way her figure looks in a dress, ok? Bye.

Note [1] Sung: Fiancée

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