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October 12th 2008
I got freeeeedom !!

This is Miyavi who recently has been using shampoo as much as he wants.
and...i finally fuckin cut my hair~~~!!! :-p(give it up!!)

Finally I got my desired bob-line done (YAY)

I'm showering 2 or 3 times every day (YAYAY)

I'm still on the middle steps of my metamorphosis but,

To be honest
My slogan was definitely
“It seems like I’m growing my hair so that it’ll look okay without extensions”

But before I knew it,
It changed into
“I’ll just cut my hair so that it’ll look okay without extensions”

... because I started balding.

So that’s why I felt so relieved and refreshed.

At the moment I’m still uploading the photos on My space.
Just wait a bit.~

Also, what I quickly went over before
The reason for taking out my piercings,,

Approaching my 20th Birthday,
(I’m Visual Kei so keeping my age a secret till the very end)
I’ve been thinking a lot.

The meaning from when I got them.

I did my facial piercings before my solo debut,
When the band had broken up.

The band that was my everything broke up
And from that point I had to take full responsibility myself.

I’m going to take responsibility.

I knew my head,
But in my heart I was hesitating.

Of course I was worried and conflicted.

Because I hadn’t sung on stage either. Haha.

So in order to persuade myself,
I wanted “something visible”.

That was through my tattoos
And also through my piercings.

But they also somewhat map out my life plan

I go to totally different places
and get really behind on schedule, but

But I feel like.

“I’m living pretty seriously.”

Well I also had the two well timed birthdays
at the end of the world tour.

So, I did those while talking about the world,
and well, it was different from what I imagined but I tried going around the world,
and I gained a lot of confidence.

Dué le also holds good and important meaning.
(It’s my band’s name.)

I got them so that I could sing the songs
from the band on stage without holding back.
Their real meaning sort of changed too,

and gradually my feelings about it have gone flat since then.

And then,
I didn’t need them anymore[1].

I suddenly realized it.

So, today at 4:22am
I took out my lip piercing.

It feels pretty weird. Haha.

So that’s kind of why,
I’m feeling relieved and refreshed.

I feel like showing the sun soon.

I feel like being engulfed in it’s radiance.

Or should I say,

I’m determined.
I’m walking down the steps of adulthood.

I can also wash my face as much as I like (yayay, scrub scrub)

That kind of feeling.

Everyone, have a nice day today too@



[1] He’s still talking about the piercings here.

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