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Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

May 24th 2008
When I go to a foreign country,

All the fans are waiting at the airport,

Butt, well, after all (as planned?) everyone still ends up crushing each other.

Yesterday I arrived in Brazil,

And I was surrounded by muscular tough guys (haha) from security

We passed through immigration (immigration inspection)

And when we arrived in the arrival lobby it was CHAOS.

The staff from there, the fans, and curious onlookers all got messed up

But slipping trough in the middle of that

There were two young girls holding their cameras.

I think they were in the first year of primary school

They were with a man that looked like their father

And then

The moment they saw me

They let go of their cameras

And started crying


I didn't really know what to do either

I couldn't tell them "Hey, now's your chance!" either. Haha

Why do these bodyguards have nun chucks. Haha

And, when they waved at me when I entered the bus

I waved back,

And they smiled at me.

And eventually they bowed at me.

.. Too cute.


Aah, on the other side of the earth,

There's also people waiting for me like this.

When thinking that,

I felt some deep emotions..

(I won't cry today too. Haha)

Let's sing for those girls, Let's continue singing

That's what I thought

And well...

There's no special point to this story. Haha

With that impression of South America I’m in the middle of a great tour.

Tomorrow is the last day in Brasil,
I'll dance the Kazu dance[1] he does when making a decisive goal. Haha


TN: [1] Kazu is a football player, this is his dance:

English | Original


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