Thursday, January 16, 2014

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March 10th 2008

I updated the blog fuhaha

A man being obvious
with an obvious mug
doing obvious things
in order not to be obvious

That's me

Greetings, it's Miyavi.

I've only been doing deskwork recently,
And I've been alone in my lonely studio in my free time (check the blog photos※the only thing reflecting in the windows of the room is me)

I got so used to being around someone
like staff or family or friends all the time,
That I'm feeling incredibly lonely when I'm on my own.
When I try to face myself at those times,
I can see a lot of wonderful things.
"obvious" is a scary thing,
The unexpected isn't obvious at all.
But when you think about it,
nothing is obvious at first.

Shapes completely turn into nothing.

All the sudden love and gratefullness for the inevitable.
I have to live with all my might.
bows head.


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