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July 10th 2008
wow, its been quite a while!!

Hasn't it been an extremely long time
Since I've posted here?

Today I'm grabbing some breakfast in Taiwan's fuckin' rockin' hotel.

The day before yesterday (?)
I returned from france
I stayed in Narita ( only 11 hours in japan..)
Yesterday at 1 in the morning I flew to Taiwan
I'll strike down the live in one round[1]
Today feels like 2 days.

At the North & South America circuit I've been thinking about various things, I've been absorbing, studying, understanding...
Well I could do various things but...

Being desperate to somehow clear the European leg day by day
And managing my health and keeping up my motivation,
It was really hard.

Well, in the distant future I'll make that reality and I'll bloom.

Either way, I had free time at some places so I could go see a few things,
I could go sightseeing around the city on the last day in Paris too.

Berlin and Stockholm are both amazing cities.
I hope I'll be able to take my time in other cities like Amsterdam, London and Barcelona next time.

neway, hope we'll make it happen again SOON.
until the next time, live ur lives to the fullest.

and just to let u kno, ive already ROCKED Taiwan !!

It's also been an incredible long time since I've been to Taiwan so I'm glad we had a hot meeting.

Asian tour,
AZN Pride will be published
so let's go crazy once more

The blog survived exactly one year today. Haha.
I'm reflecting on my steady growth.

[1] Heh, sumo reference

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