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Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

April 25th 2008
To my CoMiyavi-chan:

You might've noticed 5 years passed already (Did I count right?? Haha)

I've been really selfish up until now
And I've only caused you worry and concern
So I've been thinking a looot lately.

Above all I haven't really talked about myself like this a lot.

I didn't want to show my weaknesses to everyone.

I pretended to be tough and got conceited,
I was stubborn and reckless.,
I was still an immature brat.

I've been thinking~
I'm confident that I won't be a really good father. Haha
I'm the type who can't mix work with my home situation.
I like kids but.,

Well, that talk kind of came out of nowhere,
I've been at a turning point and it made me think about a lot of things.

So I've been working hard on my blog lately. Haha.
Anyway I've been startin from these kind of small things.

So everyone let me hear your voices!!

All your thoughts and impressions over the days,
Everything is fine so please tell me.

I'll make sure not to become someone who can't stick with anything. Haha.

please keep behaving like a spoiled child occasionally.

Because there's still times where I wanna be a brat.

Please stand by me this year too.

I'm just in time with the date right? Haha

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