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Source: Barks 2004
Translation by: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

Q1: A moment when you think "I'm a star"
On the Toilet, because you know, you become a star for 2, 3 hours a day, besides that the work is plaaain. However, a star has to be a star even on the toilet, even when driven into plainness they have to be a star.

Q2: A moment when you think "I'm not a star"
The same, toilet (Laughs)

Q3: A superstar image described by Miyavi 
Myself. The ideal future me.

Q4: The difference between a superstar and a star
What is this, I don't knoow (Laughs). Just the letters are different!!

Q5: A superstar according to Miyavi
In my case, it's oneself. And I want it to be that for each and every one of you. Every one of your aspirations.

Q6: The difference between superstars and normal people
There's no difference. I'm a normal person too.

Q7: A current superstar Japan can be proud of towards the world.
The Prime Minister. It's no good if you're not proud of that. If we don't create an environment we can be proud of by ourselves then it's no good. Well, setting aside the internal conditions, the tendency itself that bashing is cool or something is strange.

Q8: A superstar you like who is a historical figure
I dunno such a thing...... Ono Imoko[1](laughs)

Q9: Something a superstar absolutely can't do.
Dying. Stopping. Because I think certain stars have the responsibility of being a "symbol".

Q10: As for becoming a superstar?
Everyone is some sort of superstar. Whether you can recognize it and be aware of it or not

Q11: Something you always buy at the supermarket
Ah... what’s the meaning of these questions (haha). Supermarket? Well…… spring unions. I can eat those when I’m on a diet. And besides that, the stuff that’s on the counter (everyone laughs). However they stopped putting candy there, there’s nothing but batteries now (haha)

Q12: Your favorite supermarkets
Peacock! Summit. And also phoenix (haha)

Q13: The first thing you do when you get home

Q14: Something you always have in your fridge
There’s nothing in it. Only stuff you can’t eat like a cold compress, a gel pad, protein and chopsticks.

Q15: How much money do you have on you today?
About 100 yen…… I usually don’t have much money on me. There’s always a bank (his manager M) walking along with me (haha)

Q16: Something you always do before going to sleep
Go over the previous day and make plans for the next. I also have books I want to read and magazines I’m subscribed to but……

Q17: The first thing you do when you get up in the morning
Ehh…… Pu-putting on my glasses.

Q18: What’s the first thing you wash when you take a bath?
That’s not something I can say here! Well it can’t be helped… I boldly go for the bath heater (everyone bursts into laughter). I’m the type of person who wipes the toilet seat before going. I have a clean house (haha).

Q19: your favorite shampoo, conditioner and hair products
The one with the charcoal

Q20: Your favorite fragrance
My body odor!

Q22: A life lesson
Hurry without rushing, soar without leaping [2]

Q23: Teach us two 4-character sayings!
Trembling with fear [3]! ………… And maybe “Spiritual enlightenment can be attained only by means of communion of mind with mind” [4] (He explains the first phrase is his view on life and the second one is his philosophy of love), I’m a nervous guy (haha).

Q24: What are the color and design of your lucky underwear?
They’re just black boxer briefs. I need luck every day (haha)

Q25: your body fat percentage
About 9. It was 12~13 before going to the gym, when my body was 18 years old (haha)

Q26: Stress relief
Music. Music gives me stress and music relieves my stress. When I’m like “writing songs is so tiringgg” I pick up my guitar and play. It repeats itself like that.

Q27: What do you pay attention to in order to keep your body shape?
Protein intake

Q28: Your zodiac
Virgo… Eh is it okay like this?

Q29: A superstar you admired when you were a kid
I wanna say I’m an old man but I’d be lying (haha). The people on the other side of the tv.

Q30: The most memorable thing from your fanclub event in the Tokyo Dome 
When Saitou (his manager) tripped (haha). And then the two performers next to him slipped too (Bwaha). But he also raised his organizational status with what he did there I think, yeah

Q31: The most memorable thing from your live in the Nippon Budokan
When I had the accident during the opening with the explosives going off. At that time I was suddenly taken by surprise. I thought I got hit when it went bang! (haha) [5]

Q32: Can you comment on your decision to propose to marry to Universal Music[6] 
I did western music at home as well so I sent them a whole bunch of samples!! (everyone bursts into laughter)

Q33: A comment on universal music
They’re huge! Too huge

Q34: A highlight from the video for “Rock no gyakushuu superstar no jouken” 
The facial expressions from when all the other artists were playing against me (haha)

Q35: A highlight from the video for  “21seikigata koushinkyoku”
Ahh, the parts with the people looking like “why am I here?”

Q36: The nickname of the guitar you are holding on the cover.
It’s a randy rose model. So I’m really careful of plane crashes (haha). It’s my original model and it fits “flying-Y” So I’m using that (Bwaha)

Q37: What was the most memorable about recording your first major album
I talked about that just now, when I stabbed myself

Q38: What’s the thing you want to do most now you’ve gone major?
…………Getting into the Western department [of universal]? (haha)

Q39: What will the single “kekkonshiki no uta” which you’ll release in December be like?
It’ll have a sense of “fufufu” (smiling)

Q40: What’s the origin of the name Miyavi?
The first names I used were like Dokuro or Sharekoube [7], as a stage name. it was around the time I was still a complete amateur.  And they told me to “please sign here”, so I used one of the names I’d usually come up with. I also liked the name “Ramon” So it could’ve been “Rui” as well (haha).

Q41: What kind of animal are you like
A hedgehog

Q42: What kind of pet would you like to get
A house mouse (haha)

Q43: Dream date
There is none. As long as you’re together it’s fine

Q44: Something a girl told you that hurt you the most
…… I don’t know. I don’t know at all… (bitter laugh)

Q45: Favorite fashion brand
Lately it’s been John Galliano and Tsubo.  I’m a guy who likes to dress up, to put on skirts and to wear makeup and such.

Q46: Your favorite miso soup garnish
Eh…… I rather have none (bitter laugh)

Q47: Collectors’ items
I don’t have anyhthing like that. Of course I have CDs, DVDs, novels and manga but…… I collect “Gorgo13” (TN: a manga) at least I think (haha). Because it’s always conveniently there when I go to the convenience store (everyone laughs)

Q48: How would you celebrate your girlfriend’s birthday?
By saying “happy birthday”. Maybe I’d try to write her a song too if I had time?

Q49: Your current obsession
Obsession……These are really private questions aren’t they (bitter laugh). I don’t really do anything besides work (cry). So…… My current obsession is interviews. Being interviewed (desperate laugh)

Q50: Dreams
Dreams are reality. A dream isn’t just a dream. They’re an encouragement to go live real life. Dreams are made exactly for people to walk in the direction of their wishes. I guess you’ll figure out if you’re doing the right thing when you get closer to your dream one step at the time.

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ono_no_Imoko
[2] A line from sungee maemuki na uta2
[3] Pronounced as sensenkyoukyou
[4] A Buddhist phrase
[5] During the opening of this show some small explosion was supposed to go off on his guitar, but something went wrong with the timing and it exploded on his hand instead.
[6] He joined the label Universal Japan and on his last live as an indies artist he symbolically got “married” to them.
[7] Both names mean skull


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