Sunday, December 1, 2013

Translation: Gise & Rosie - CoMYVz Crew

March 31st 2009
Rehearsals started

And at the same time
because I recently started new training
my inner muscles huurt quite a bit

I'm also playing songs which I haven't performed in a long time
in an amazing new style

This time they won't be Kabuki Boiz, but
because my back up guys are all really passionate
look forward to their sound, okay?

Nevertheless, this weekend's live
Although it looks like it's gonna rain as usual
(This time, Miyavi didn't do it!)

i DO NOT care
No matter what happens[1]
Beause I'll keep on singing

That's what i can only do for u guys now.
And also that's what only I can do.

Sorry about the hapiomeeru~ [2]
We'll do them again soon

HAPPY B-DAYZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[1] litteraly: even if rains or spears fall.
[2] The emails that were sent out for the fans' birthdays

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