Sunday, December 1, 2013

Translation: Ashura Alexis - CoMYVz Crew

March 27th 2009
Regarding the last issue, no comment please.

No, I have no intention to say such things at all,

but since I wanted to properly announce it to my fans from my own lips,
as a moral duty to all the concerned parts
once the April 5th live was finished
once I graduate from PS COMPANY, the agency which I belong
once I made a clear distinction about everything
honestly, saying it isn't regrettable would be a lie.

Above all, I'm really sorry for all the co-miyavi being hurt by the form it came out, against my will

When the time comes, I will properly announce it with my own words,
so I hope you'll give me just a little more time.
I won't run away or hide anywhere,
and also my dreams won't change.

Believe wat u believe.
Trust wat u trust.

I'm just here.


Thank you everyone for your warm messages.


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