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January 4th 2009
Great work everyone!

I just came back from the spa coz my body was hurting a bit after Budokan.
I was completely beat by the middle of the day tho one way or another I ended up enjoying myself. But I was seriously worried whether I could rock the place more than Gazette did. No joke, the band + crowd connection and energy levels were crazy! I gotta work harder too.

And of course I had a lot to learn from all the other bands as well. Thanks a lot to all the indies kids in PSC and Kra, Kagra , Alice Nine for joining Aho Matsuri.

I know I'm always acting like the senpai, but I feel like I can really rely on everyone.
I said it in the MC before too, for us as a company, to be able to reach our 10th anniversary was all thanks to the members, staff and not lastly the fans. And I myself feel really proud to have safely reached a milestone like this as a member of PSC.

Today, I intended to come on stage and sing all the things I've wanted to say, the things I should say, and even the things I shouldn't say and from now on too, I'll always be expressing all of this through my songs on stage.

Looks like everyone was able to have a great start for 2009.

Anyways, to the backmembers great job for today!

Hope this is gonna turn out to be a great year for everyone

Wishin' u guys a Fuckin' Fabulous & Fantastic year of 2009 !!


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