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Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

January 10th 2009
The other day, after the slightly conflicting schedule of going to the gym after going to the chiropractic because my body wasn't feeling too sweet after the live, I brought PS[1]'s young head of the suicide squat Tora[2] to go see Gakunii's[3] live. In spite of Gakunii always coming to my lives, I didn't really get the chance to go see him before so it was the first time, but... Rather than a live it somewhat felt like seeing a movie and I realized that, one by one, the messages attached to the story spontaneously sank into my mind. I can’t say anything yet about the production because it’s still the middle of the tour but because we met and talked a bit about the actual producing process it left a bit of a really deep impression when I saw the completed picture. After it finished he was really tired in the dressing room but in order to be able to return to everyone’s screams he passed through his remaining schedule with all his might so I felt that when there’s kids who came, most importantly Co-Miyavi, I’ll enjoy it with all my might. Anyway Gakunii sincerely needs to take care of his body and throat too!! from ur BRO

[1] PS Company
[2] Alice nine's Tora I assume
[3] He's refering to Gackt as his older brothe

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