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Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

February 23rd 2009 (1)
I'm watching the video from the old Yaon[1] live now

It was filmed just to be filmed

and has been asleep all the time
(or more like been rotting)

My delightful embarrassment

My second debute live.

This footage,

I’ve heard rumors that the closed pandora’s box will be opened
And that it will be illegally leaked out at a certain open air stage,[2]

So I'm watching it now but,

... I was youung.

Or maybe I should say that I was way too conceited. haha

If the me from now had been standing next to me, I'd probably have hit myself.

(And I think it was really bad how I pretended to completely ignore Yada-san from BRAND X)

But well, even if I say so myself, I think It's pretty amusing how I used to go all crazy and maybe I'll play songs like "Shindemo boogie woogie" or "POP IZ DEAD" or "Ippiki ookami ron" so please prepare for them a bit.

(Because there are rules for the time restrictions for public institution-like venues, the details are still coming soon 4649[3].)

Let's meet and smile together.

Well bye.


[1] Short for 日比谷野外音楽堂 or Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall
[2] The footage from that live was going to be released as a dvd during his “graduation” live in the Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall.
[3] Slang for yoroshiku

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