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Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

December 24th 2008 (2)
It’s kind of repeating but,

The day before yesterday
The world tour DVD has been officially released

Because I suddenly said “I’m going to Los Angeles” two years ago,
I was supported by all kinds of amazing friends and fans
and I was able to safely go around the world this year.

We crammed all the material together
And we decided for the DVD to be completely offshot
so the quality isn’t that high
But the images we saw around the world
and everything that happened there
are a genuine reflection of reality.

Of course I was also present at all of the editing

But to be honest,
I couldn’t watch the production till the end...

It was way too long. Bwaha

Just kidding,

I’ve said it before but at the stage in Beijin
I felt some strong emotions for the first time in a while

The view while traveling and the smiling faces of the fans and such
I got flashbacks from various scenes and memories.

They’re all precious memories
From the road of my life so it’s one piece

I’m also immensely grateful for all of you who came.
Even if you couldn’t make it
Without everyone’s support
None of it would’ve been possible

So the truth is, we didn’t really plan to release this DVD
and we weren’t going to save the recordings

But going around the world, the things I felt, experienced and saw,
of course I really wanted to share as much as I could with everyone and we produced the DVD

I’m glad to have experienced all these things.

As for being a Japanese artist
I still have a lot of work to do

I’m gonna grasp it even more so, well just watch me for a bit longer.

The Kabuki Boiz won’t disband hereafter.

Of course, just like on the website
I’m constructing & exploring new styles now.

But we’ll always stay connected.

When I want to book the Kabuki Boiz I’ll call them and if I’ll find a recording company somewhere I’ll do a release too. Haha.

But the thing is,
I just can’t surrender”
the “Solo artist 雅-miyavi-”reputation.

I’ve struggled a lot for that until now.

But even though it’s particularly hard, it’s nothing.
Because instead, it’s something to strive for.

I’ll be laughing while crying as usual.

Until now I’ve been influenced by the Kabuki Boiz without being restricted to those guys,
They’re all really cool guys,
So everyone please support them no matter what

Of course I’ll be lonely too
But on January 3rd at the Budokan Show I’ll be together with TY-chan
And dancers noririn and kouchama
rushed in too for the first time in a while!
(For the CoMiyavi who don’t know
you should look up the 『oresama dare da? tour』)

Tomorrow is choreography and an healing day so
I’m gonna go sweat once more

This year’s Christmas...
I guess I’ve been training in the gym like usually (I was able to lift 10 kg on the bench yay), I was invited to my bro Gackt’s house for a party (In the middle of a tour, do your best!!), and have been playing guitar at other people’s places (It was unexpectedly fun).

How was everyone’s Christmas?

Let me know too okay.

Either way I really hope you won’t forget your towels at the Budokan
Make sure to practice the idiot dance[1]!!

And I sincerely hope you won’t lower your head too much before it’s my turn. lol

Well, good night

Maybe I overdid it a bit but,
Lemme say again Very Merry X'mas !!

I want to use huge Julianna like folding fans during Aho Matsuri
But I’m not sure how?

[1] The Aho Matsuri dance 

English | Original


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