Sunday, December 29, 2013

Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

December 1st 2008
The Tattoo thing
Was a November Fool.


I wrote this on my space too but,

Because a photo from when I went to Hong kong
Came up in my photo album
When I organized my old PC
I got mischievous.

I was surprised when I got a surprised phone call from my teammate TYKO (@o@)


That would mean today's December Fool.
Would I get in trouble if I did something.


By the way

This month the

「World tour DVD & Remix Album」

Will be dropped.
Everyone let's go CHEK IT CHEK IT*.

At my space

I've uploaded DJ 382's maiden work

"Snoring princess of insomnia" for a limited time only
So CHEK IT CHEK it over there too okay.

The answer machine for the CoMiyavi cell phone has been reserved,
and the live has been decided on~ (clap clap)

Along with all kinds of things like the mail tomo
Look forward to the announcement about the X' mas website renewal, okay (@o@)

Well then, ho-ho-ho's ho (Santaclause style)

dont get a cold n keep ur self warm.


[1] To refresh everyone's memories: this blog refers to an old picture he put on his myspace after he took out his piercings, claiming he erased all his tattoos haha  

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