Sunday, December 1, 2013

Translation: Gise & Rosie - CoMYVz Crew

April 7th 2009
Dear Co Miyavi=changz

Since the live has finished
I've been facing the pc the whole time
Trying to write but
Where should I start, how should I write it
I don't know at aaaall. (Bitter laugh)


I cried like crazy, and laughed like crazy!!

And, I love you like crazy

Whatever anyone could say
From here on I'll continue singing "high-sounding words" too.
And, facing the whole world
I'll definitely keep shouting out "I LOVE U" without change

Because I'll officially start my company tomorrow,
also for the kids who couldn't come,
let me properly sort out the words and forms and report to you

J-glam (inc.) CEO Ishihara Takamasa

Even so,
I'm starting from zero again
the same as when I came to tokyo 10 years ago with a guitar on my shoulders

But, now I have people to protect and people supporting me

Family and colleagues, and also all my fans are the same FAMILY

In the same way, starting from PS COMPANY's representative Ozaki,
Sai-chon, Naru-chon, Jiiya, Sumiyan,
Thank you so much everyone
I can't say it face to face so I won't but,
I love everyone so much
Let me be part of the family from here on as well

Really, really, thank you very much for those 10 years

PS COMPANY 雅-miyavi-

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