Saturday, December 28, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Bu - CoMYVz Crew

Hey, I made you wait honey, Step aside Wanna be(s)
Here I am, a crazy Japanese 21st Century Boy
Don't hesitate let me bewitch you with the superb scenery.
In a V.I.P sit tonight, with a sweet poem[1] I will K.O you

In this harsh world, as long as moonlight's confined shine is reflected in your clear eyes we'll continue to draw (fabricated) dreams

In the middle of this ever repeating century[2]
We hurt eachother over and over again
Even so, we love eachother.
If we get close, we'll be thorn apart.

Tell me why… is this my life? Tell me why… Hey please darling, say that's a lie, and we'll be able to see each other again in the next world.

If my pain is your happiness
Then, I will show you how gladly I can take it
If separating is for the sake of us both
From now on I will always always keep praying ( hoping)
In the distant past, we are laughing
Memories with you won't fade
Even if it's not allowed by destiny
I will always be yours only, SuperHero.

Tell me why… is this my life?
It's a lie…
Gimme pride, so that we can fly.
Won't be cryin' no more

[1] Sung: lyrics
[2] Sung: moment

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