Friday, December 27, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Bu & Gise - CoMYVz Crew

I totally love you MYV ~MYV MAN official cheer~

Flying 「Y」 and paipo2, I'm coming I'm MYV
A foolish, singing guitar hero, Imma kill you with a rookie shout

Seduce you with my Kitarou hair3 and mullet, who was calling MYV
Crying kids and laughing comedians, eat my killer miyabeaam. x2

「Straddling my favorite joker4, I yell out and fly jakajajan
(※I'll strum my guitar)」

At the origin of what is known as Heaven and Earth
Here to see you MYV
Where is the villain MYV
I am the hero MYV
So, everyone (let's) by all means (get) together MYV★ROCKS!!!

「Noble, righteous, elegant5, in the name of the moon... I will punish you.6

Below what is know as Heaven and Earth
Always ore-sama MYV
Selfish love MYV
I'm the best MYV
Aiming for the top MYV
Great dreams MYV
Let's go put on a show MYV
I'm the one and only7 MYV
Go for it, everyone's MYV
Don't lose, our MYV
Tomorrow too anywhere MYV
Raise your finger with a smile, Step aside step aside bitches,
Bringing along his beloved comiyavi MYV man is coming today!!!

[1] What people scream when they transform in series like sailor moon
[2] the flying y was the guitar he used at that time, paipo is some sort of fake cigarette brand to help you quit.
[3] kitarou is an anime character
[4] I think he means the scooter type?
[5] or Miyavi-like
[6] This is a line from sailor moon as well
[7] In 唯雅独尊 (yuiga dokuson) he replaced the kanji 「我」 in the original phrase with his name 「雅」 (same reading).

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