Saturday, December 28, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Romaji: Bu - CoMYVz Crew

Selfish Love, Love me because I love you
Hey, I'll love all of you,
I'll surround you with a melody so sweet,
It's going to make you melt,
And embrace you with a beat that's going to make you surrender entirely.
I'm going to make you lose yourself over and over again. [1]


I'll take you all along,
To places still unseen by anyone.
Along with your dreams, but you'll keep your eyes open.
The night's far from over,
The world is still asleep.

Don't care whatever happens anymore,
Tonight let's just love eachother.

Selfish love,
Love me, because I love you
This is the way I love.

Cheers to this selfish night.[2]

I don't need anything like forever,
As long as tonight you're by my side.

Selfish love,
Love me, because I love you
This is the way I love.

I'll do it for myself, and you do it for yourself [3]
And I'll be one with you, and you'll be one with me.

Cheers to selfish us!

[1] ikaseru also means "make (you) come" So the whole meaning of that line is "I'll make you come over and over until you lose yourself"
(Thanks Ashura for this one, I completely missed it and really thankful she explained)
[2] Written kanpai, sung cheers
[3] Written 'do it for yourself' sung 'do it for me

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