Friday, December 27, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

放題:ROCK'N'ROLL doesn't sleep

I Am a Rock.

ROCK'N'ROLL IS "NOT" DEAD Who said Rock'n'Roll Is Dead
ROCK'N'ROLL IS "NOT" DEAD After all this world is Jailhouse Rock
ROCK'N'ROLL IS "NOT" DEAD Like a punch in the face We'll Rock you
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me The best Ha-ha-ha ★ yeah!!

ROCK'N'ROLL IS "NOT" DEAD Tonight is so Beat it
ROCK'N'ROLL IS "NOT" DEAD So dance Dancing Queen
ROCK'N'ROLL IS "NOT" DEAD Sway your hips Like a Virgin
It's Funky Monkey Baby to you say, a ha ha n (heart)

High! on high! more high! a new high!

Let's Spend the Night Together !!! (Feel like leaping into the night)
Dazzling beat, ongoing noise

At 3,2,1… Let's Go Crazy !!

"Rock isn't dead!"

ROCK'N'ROLL IS "NOT" DEAD Let's go together Come Together
ROCK'N'ROLL IS "NOT" DEAD face tomorrow Born to Run
ROCK'N'ROLL IS "NOT" DEAD A bright future Let's Get It On
laugh 21st Century Boys & Girls ahaha, ufufu, ehehe's ohoho

Let's Spend the Night Together !!! (feel like let's go loudly)
Dazzling beat, ongoing noise

At 3,2,1,0… Happy Go Lucky!!

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