Friday, December 27, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

POP'N'ROLL Baseball
Hit a homerun MYV, 1,2,3 rush off to the base & knock out the spectators

(1st inning) the one who makes the first move wins, so worry about the lineup before hitting that homerun
Snipe the naive heart of that girl from the other class.

(3rd inning) Next is the batting and fielding shift, go for the defence line of the heart
The ball I throw you is straight in the center.
The sign is 「I love you」 of course

Li li li li
It's a victory to challenge love
It's a victory to take the lead first
It's a victory to steal your heart
Even if you quit while in the lead, it's still a victory like that

「rude boy!!」

(5th inning) The pinch hitter[2] makes his appearance, I'm the 4th on the bench so what
Take my certain kill, my batting form of love!!! 「... I wonder if that girl is watching?」
I let the ball go by looking over my shoulder and strike out, batter out.

Isn't it okay to quit when you're ahead?
goodbye bye homerun run[3]♪ isn't that okay?

(9th inning) Finallly the last inning, I've changed my mind,
Homerun two three, the next ball is my only shot.

That's right, life doesn't wait.

[1] Written: Koshien, which is a baseball stadium
[2] A substitute batter
[3] Sayonaran ran hoomuran ran

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