Friday, December 27, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Bu - CoMYVz Crew

Kimi ni negai o
The fading dream of that day, and our future plans too painted in dust
Because you have always been watching over me
I'm standing here right now, having overcome
Both the times I've wavered from my path, and the days when I would only breathe out complains

What could I have done for you? What was beyond my power to do for you?
I've been asking myself over and over again since then but,
No matter how many times I look into my heart, no matter how deep I try to search within myself
All that surfaces are memories of our happy days.

It's just that I've always loved you.
It was as simple as that, but that was all I could do.
And even now, my love for you hasn't changed.

One day, standing under the beautiful starry sky we made a wish
But, though I've already forgotten the wish I've made that day,
And all I remember is thinking how good it would be if the two of us could just continue living in that one moment.
Now I think that is what I should have wished for.

But, there is no god.
That is what I've decided the moment you became a star.
I don't need a god. As long as you continue to exist up there.

This town you're not in anymore is bursting as usual,
And the sun sets as if nothing has changed at all.
Months and years fly by, and in the midst of the ever changing seasons ,
Whenever I catch a glimpse of the sky, I reminisce that day.

And I softly wish. I wish upon you, who has become a star
Saying "It's alright, now I can stand on my own" . Because, I'm not alone.
Because I live for you as well.
And you will always live within my soul.
So, please, always watch over me, just like back then.

When I wish upon you.

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