Saturday, December 7, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

Invincible highway
Drive on brink

Waha, start on the invincible highway at full speed [try to catch up.]
A race with a false start, playing Rabbit and Turtle.

Motherfucker, get ready to be scattered in battle, I'll take my goal [Try to stop me.]
My trough pass has gone offside, I pitch 4 homeruns[1]

One Way...
Not a through street?
Ignore and collide.

Drive your way of thinking, let's go in reverse, let go of the wheel.
Boost your hi gain, how's the gas?
Drive your sense of values, cut off the breaks, step on the gas
Boost your low mid, welcome the engine

Escape the congestion of our time and accelerate.
Isn't it unimportant what's in the rearview mirror?
Everything is changing, leave the changing scenery behind
Don't you have time to park?

Until you've opened your eyes in the passenger seat, I'll keep running towards the horizon
I know it's a bad deal but I don't care,
Even with the incredible sound of the enginge as a lullaby

... I forgot I don't have a license

[1] I don't know anything about baseball, so I'm not sure I got the references right.

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