Saturday, December 28, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Bu - CoMYVz Crew

Enough with the flattery,
Enough with the ass kissing.
Though we say such nice things,
Our eyes aren't laughin' A-HA

I'm sick and tired of this sweet talkin'
Your tactics are obvious.
What you do and what you say
Keep contradictin, Mama

What a laugh A-HA

In never ending suspicion,
So that we won't be corrupted by this world's
twisted rules of deceit YEAH

Scream out
To be urself

With one hand you give a hand shake, with the
other you land a punch
Your real intentions and the face you put on
for the world, it's nothing but pride and
money for you
Your bull shit has been obvious for a long
time already
So to fuck with this onslaught of pleasantries

Cut the fuckin noise already.


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