Friday, December 27, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

2 Be Wiz U
A-yo the me over there, it looks like nothing that I'm kind of all alone, hurting,
appearing strong, but... I know the feein' buddy (it's just "self-satisfied")
The truth is that you just want to hold someone close right? U know you're all right.
Looking like a fool, keeping up with fxxk up human relation ships, for now it's OK
Sending this SOS, someone give ur hand, isn't it empty somehow, sad somehow?

Always walking with my head down trough the waves of people in the streets, meeting everyone's pace
Tomorrow will certainly come around, I'll cry out for something without holding much hope
Baby don't worry & cry, it's all right
you're not alone ever, I'm here forever.

Sending you, the pounding in my chest
Because nobody is alone in this world (2 be with you)
I believe even if God tells me
That those are just pretty words, I don't care
Even if you're not near, if I'm seperated from you
I'm here, you're there, that's enough.

Standing up from isolation, pretending to be tough, even if you're looking stylish it's nothing but a lie
By doing so I've killed and lived by myself day after day, I'll break away from the loneliness myself
Baby don't worry you're not alone ever.

Sending you, the pounding in my chest
I don't care even if my throat runs dry
Because even if you're not right beside me you're here all the time
It would be great if my singing reaches you (2 be with you)
I understand that for eternity has -no meanin'-
I don't care even if this whole world is a lie
Even if tomorow everything is over, even if everything is gone.
You're there, I'm here, just that's enough, that's enough.

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