Saturday, November 30, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

Merry suffering death~winter, trauma, scream
It’s good to be a spoiled kid.

It’s good to be a bad kid

If I were able to go back to that time

I’d throw a tantrum and knead breadcrumbs.[2]

Don’t want darkness.

Don’t want confinement

Ah, I don’t wanna breath or close my eyes anymore.

~Yada[3] Kouhei. Age 34. Unmarried. (Guest performance)

Bitter, sweet, gloomy cotton candy is decaying my brain.

I can’t think well, properly[4]. Merry suffering death

【You’re a good kid, you’re not selfish, so, nightsies. –stupid brat-】

With the powder snow of fluttering banknotes, listen the sound of the bell going ding dong again.

Enjoying a festival covered in $ signs. Black Merry Christmas. …good luck…

【Don’t make me repeat myself. Bad kids are punished. –lower your pants-】

[1] The title is a play on words, “merry suffering death” 「merii kurushimimasu desu」 sounds similar to “Merry Christmas” 「merii kurisumasu desu」 when pronounced in Japanese.
[2] Double meaning of the verb used: both to knead and to throw a tantrum. It's a pun that doesn't translate well into English.
[3] The short version of “don’t want to” 「やだ」 「yada」 used in the previous 3 lines is also a common Japanese name 「矢田」. Yet another word joke that doesn't really make sense.
[4] He wrote “to think” 「考える」 with the character for “to bite” 「噛んがえる」, making a reference to the cotton candy and the brain-tooth decay in the previous line.

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