Saturday, November 30, 2013

Music/Lyrics: 雅-MIYAVI-
Translation: Gise - CoMYVz Crew

Cram rock
「Rock is dead.」 you babbled about it too carelessly and now it's fucking dead.
In canon, clinically [2]
Well everyone say it's dead! Dead! Everyone, it's dead!

My favorite black rimmed glasses (for just 2980 yen)
「boy with perfectly parted hair」The right side wins 7 to 3........ Winner right side!
My pound is always chestin, or whatever.
「ImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossibleImpossible」 (Sorry.)
So, weird & stuttering Shy boy, that girl you've got your eyes on is no good.

Saying, 「black rimmed glasses」 don't diddle daddle
Saying, 「perfectly parted hair」, Never say die.
I don't give a shit, I got rejected .All , up to you.
(I'm chuckling here.) .. It's no bigger and it a cinch.

The neighbour granny is rock'n'roll too.
The grumpy old man is rock'n'roll too.
On occasion granny and gramps come out and rock'n'roll.

「Won't you dance with me.」
If you hold ambition in your heart, and paint tomorrow in hope, that would be fine.
You can do it. I'll say 「Way to go.」
The troubled years, Sex, drug, money, violence, and............................... mother?

I'm getting a bit of a belly, rock'n'roll. (Mr. Kusaka)
I love sweets, custard roll. (Mr. Iguchi)
Because of my bed head, roll, roll, roll (Mr. Nakaya)
Seriously it's No problem. (Mr. Kumagi)

Eventually, what for, for what purpose, why, what's the gain, What the hell are you saying?
It's 「In Visual Kei teeth are life[3]」

[1] Cram refers to like, cramming for a test.
[2] This does not make sense this would never make sense in any way, just that the kanji are read the same...
[3] This is a reference to some kind of toothpaste commercial which goes something like: for performance teeth are their life.

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